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Infant Care, Nursery, Preschool, Kindergarten and Schools in Taman OUG and Taman Yarl

Wondering what are the available options for infant care, nursery, preschool, kindergarten, homeschool, primary school or secondary school in Taman OUG (Overseas Union Garden) or Taman Yarl ?

Exercise due diligence by visiting and choose the one that best suited to your requirements. 

Alecia Montessori, Taman Yarl

Age: 18 months – 6years old

For 1.5 – 3 yrs old, Montessori Method of teaching and MiKids Program. 
For 4-6 yrs old, Mikids English uses a whole language approach combined with a phonics-based approach to teach reading to children. MiKid has also programs for Maths, Moral, Science, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.
Tadika Mesra Alecia offers seamless progression as a Collaborative Partner with Pine Hills International School whose primary focus is to assist children to complete the globally recognized Cambridge IGCSE Program.
Check out contact details here.

Creative Garden, OUG Parklane

Age: 3– 6years old.

Creative Garden provide a developmentally appropriate kindergarten programme designed by passionate and qualified educator, (M.Ed in Early Childhood Care and Education) with over 35 years experience. The curriculum is CEFR alligned and MOE approved. Qualified teachers. Safe and cosy environment. Small classess and Affordable convenience for parents. Children acquire knowledge through Active Learning and aBalanced education that invites curiousity and creativity with ample opportunities to explore and engage in the learning process.

Check out details here.

Eduwis, Taman OUG

Age: 2 – 6years old

Eduwis is a well-known franchise early childhood education program with more than 65 centres in Malaysia. Provide half-day and full-day program for 2-6 years old. Check out contact details here.

Eric & Will Children House Kuala Lumpur, Taman OUG

Age: 18 months – 6years old

Eric & Will Children House Kuala Lumpur, Taman OUG offer preschool program for kid age 18 months – 6 years old. Check out contact details here.

Funhome Preschool, Taman Yarl

Age: 5 – 6years old

Funhome Preschool are a kindergarten based at Taman Overseas Union, Taman Yarl, Bukit Jalil region. For 2-4years old, they have another branch in Taman Selera Indah. Check out contact details here.

Golden Montessori, Taman Yarl

Age: 18 months – 6years old

An international school in Kuala Lumpur based on a Montessori approach which offers a Singapore based syllabus for children aged 1.5 to 6 years old. Check out contact details here.

Little Tupai Preschool, Parklane OUG

Age: 1 – 6years old

Little Tupai Preschool geared towards preparing young children at nursery and pre-school level (age 1 to 6 year old / half day and full daycare programmes) to be ready for primary school, with a balanced emphasis on outdoor, hands-on, fun learning and academics.

Check out contact details here.

My Playpen, Taman OUG

Age: 18 months – 4years old

My Playpen is a licensed JKM (State Welfare Department) Childcare Centre adopting the Montessori Principle in the method of delivering your child’s daily routine, structured work and play. This lays a good foundation for your child’s learning and development to take place. Check out contact details here.

Powerkids, Taman OUG

Age: 3 – 6years old.

PowerKids is an established and licensed preschool using Fungates Programme. Offer After School Programme, extra curriculum activity learning beyond academic. Daycare service giving clean and caring environment to children of both working parents. Check out contact details here.

Summer Tots, Taman OUG

Age: 3 – 6years old

Summer Tots Preschool (formally known as Tadika Mestika) was established since 1988 providing preschool programmes cater for children from age 3 to age 6. Provide innovative learning activities and montessori approach towards educating students to ensure they have fun learning. Check out contact details here.

Tadika Cahaya Suria Li Ren, Taman OUG

Age: 3– 6years old.

Tadika Cahaya Li Ren offers Habit Cultivation Program, Game Pack & Corner Learning and Discovery children’s Potential. Check out contact details here.

Taska OUG, Taman OUG

Age: 3 – 4years old

Start with a good foundation to create a bright future for 3 – 4years old. Then, proceed to Tadika Talento for 5-6 years old. Check out contact details here.

Tadika OUG, Taman OUG

Age: 5 – 6years old

Tadika OUG encourage students to enjoy learning by discover their learning motivation. Most of the students are from their nursery Taska OUG. Check out contact details here.

Tadika The Salvation Army

Age: 5– 6years old.

The Salvation Army kindergartens provide a balanced curriculum of academic, social skills learning and recreational activities. Children are taught language skills and encouraged to participate in group activities to help prepare for primary school. Programmes are carefully designed to help children reach their full potential. Check out details here.

The Star Children House, Taman OUG

Age: 3– 6years old.

The Star Children House strongly believe that children learn through play. This philosophy is based on what experts deemed is best for the development and growth of children during their early years.

Check out details here.

Totalchild, Taman OUG

Age: 2 – 6years old

TotalChild Preschool caters for children 2.5 years to 6 years old. The preschool setting is thoughtfully planned and designed to suit children’s nature and needs. The outdoor presents lush greenery with trees, flowers and vegetable garden and it facilitates nature exploration, active play and messy play.Check out contact details here.

Tots Lot Child Care Centre, Taman OUG

Age: 3 months – 4years old

For 3months-18months, ratio 1:2, and use Glenn Doman methodology and sensory play .
For 19 months – 2.5 years old, ratio 1: 5 and use Sensory, Montessori and experiential play.
For 2.6 years old – 4 years old, ratio 1:8 and use Sensory, Montessori and experiential play.

Check out contact details here.

UC Kindies, Taman OUG

Age: 3 – 6years old

UC Kindies is solely under Total Success Dynamics Corporation. Curriculums are specially designed for children aged 3 to 6-years old. Check out contact details here.

Able Learner Center, Taman OUG

Age: 6– 17years old.

Able Learner Centre is a Malaysian institution providing alternate education where the students are tutored and coached in the IGCSE syllabus in a holistic way from primary to the completion of high school.

Check out details here.

Campus Rangers Learning Centre, Taman OUG

Age: 6– 17years old.

Campus Rangers Learning Centre provides alternative education to the national syllabus by teaching the internationally-recognised Cambridge IGCSE course. Offer Primary courses for ages 6 to 12 and Secondary Courses for ages 13 to 17. Alternatively, you can copt for Campus Rangers International School located at 9Seputeh, Old Klang Road.

Check out details here.

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