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If your purchased package includes domain name, kindly fill in the form.


If your purchased package includes advertisement in Google / Facebook, kindly fill in the form.

Step 1: Login to your account & click “Add A Listing”.

Step 2: Choose Listing Type & Package

Step 3: Create Listing & Ready for Business

Step 1: Click “Claim Listing” button. 

Step 2: Choose Package. 

Step 3: Wait for approval.

You can view all the submitted claim requests in Dashboard > My Listing > View Claim Requests. 

Choose how prospective customer contact you.

  • Call Now
  • Whatsapp
  • Messenger
  • Get Direction
  • Email

When you visit Facebook profile the part that comes after you can use that in the ID field.

Each date field allows to input date + time (one time).

  • Start date will have the time the event starts
  • End date will have the time event ends

After created business listing, you can link your event listing to your business.

Under related listing field, select the business listing.


In User Dashbaord -> My Listing -> Click “Promote” button for the listing that you wish to promote.

Business listings are location based (not business name based). 

For instance, if you have two brances/ offices, we manage separate, unique listings for each branch location.

In User Dashboard -> My Orders -> Select subscription that you wish to cancel.

Then click the “Cancel” button.