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Confinement Center in Selangor

Here is a list of confinement centres in Selangor. 

ABelle Confinement Centre 爱贝儿陪月中心, Kajang Town, behind Kajang Hospital

Afterbirthcare Confinement Center 满悦产后护理月子中心, Country Heights, Kajang

AfterBirthCare Retreat is a postnatal retreat for mothers – rejuvenating, revitalizing & reshaping new mothers. Homey and comfy. Delicious and healthy confinement food. For contact information, click here.

ABelle Confinement Centre is AfterBirthCare Retreat new branch centre located in Kajang town (behind Kajang Hospital). It is a spacious, Semi-D concept with lots of natural light and more space for mothers to relax and recover and to enjoy during the confinement month. The new centre is operated and managed by the same AfterBirthCare team, comprising of experienced nursing team, paediatrician, lactation & TCM consultants as well as catering and wellness team. Delicious and nutritious meals plus professional and experienced care for mummy and baby. For contact information, click here.

Amaby Confinement Centre, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Amaby is the first confinement centre founded by an Obstetrician and a Paediatrician.

For contact information, click here.

Amazing Confinement Care Centre, Setia Alam & Shah Alam

Amazing Confinement Care Centre is a breastfeeding friendly confinement centre. There are 2 branches in Shah Alam.

For contact information, Setia Alam branch and Seksyen 13 Shah Alam branch.

Amazing Postnatal Care, Qliq Damansara Perdana

Amazing Confinement Care provide a complete postpartum care and services to the Mother, the Father and the new born Baby throughout the confinement period. There are two branches – Teega Tower (Johor) and Qliq (Damansara Perdana).

For contact information, Qliq Damansara Perdana branch.

Angel La Baby Postpartum Care Confinement Centre 守护 · 天使产后护理之家/月子中心, Kelana Jaya

It is vegetarian mom’s confinement center at Klang Valley. Customized postpartum care plan, 1-on-1 lactation guidance provided by senior nursing staff, postpartum wound examination and care, regulate milk volume after delivery, Targeted conditioning of lochia, more postpartum care such as uterine care, massage therapy, etc. And essential baby courses for new mothers. Enjoy the 28 days of conditioning at the confinement center and seize the chance of body rebirth.

For contact information, click here.

Anggun Confinement Care, Semenyih

Anggun Confinement Care provides traditional postpartum care service for mommy and baby.

Berpengalaman mengendalikan dan merawat ibu-ibu selepas bersalin untuk berpantang dengan tenang dan berehat secukup nya semasa pantang. Tak perlu nak pening-pening dengan preparation sebab pakej ni dah lengkap dengan penyediaan bahan-bahan rawatan berpantang sepanjang pakej.

For contact information, click here.

Bella Confinement Center 贝恩.产后护理中心, Klang

29 days of careful care 3-star hotel-style confinement center. Single suite + separate toilet, absolute private space. Special medicated diet, exclusive secret recipe, exclusive breastfeeding. High-quality products and attentive service.

For contact information, click here.

Bibi Home Postnatal Care 母婴护理之家, Klang

Bibi Home Postnatal Care is the first confinement centre in Klang that obtained operation license by Klang Town Council (MPK) , and started it’s operation since January 2020. It is a bungalow house located next to the Klang Hokkian Association Hall. The operational team led by Specialist Nurse Practitioner, aims to provide mothers and babies the best nursing care in the luxury home. Practice evidence-based nursing care blend with Chinese medication, to ensure all practices are rationale and up-to-date knowledge, to maintain a well balanced health in mothers physically and mentally.

For contact information, click here.

Bliss Confinement Centre, Puchong

IT’S A RETREAT, NOT A CONFINEMENT. Postpartum Confinement need not be a stressful and traumatic experience. Bliss Confinement Centre are dedicated to providing the most enjoyable, safe, healthy and comfortable confinement period to mommies.

For contact information, click here.

Blissful Confinement House 弥禧产后护理之家, Batu Caves

Blissful Confinement House is a new postnatal care center that focuses on complete confinement care experience. Our team consists of qualified professional nurses and nannies with years’ experience, providing you and baby complete care. In Blissful Confinement House, we hope you can enjoy as in your home.

For contact information, click here.

Bondacare, Kota Kemuning

A homey and breastfeeding friendly confinement center. For contact information, click here.

Byond28 Confinement Care, Cheras

Established in July 2020, Byond28 has rapidly grown to be one of the most popular and professionally managed confinement centres in Cheras, KL. Byond28 Confinement Care combines the best of traditional Chinese confinement care with modern medical practices, focused on taking care of you and your newborn baby.

For contact information, click here.

CareNanny Confinement Care Centre

CareNanny is a confinement retreat center that specializes in post natal service dedicated to mums.

For contact information, click here.

Danai Cresenvale Postnatal Haven, Kajang

Danai Cresenvale Postnatal Haven – a serene sanctuary specially curated for new mums and their little bundles of joy. Mothers and babies can enjoy a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment while being pampered by a dedicated team of professionals.

For contact information, click here.

EnmaCare Confinement Centre, Cheras

Enmacare Confinement Centre, where “en”fant stands for infant in French and “ma”, a general term for mother, is a place which provides loving care to postnatal mummies and newborns. Established in 2018, Enmacare Confinement Centre aims to provide a cosy, unwind and relaxing home-like environment for postnatal recuperation and rejuvenation. The centre blends in both traditional and modern method of confinement to assist parents in their journey to parenthood. Hence, your little family will definitely able to experience the professionalism and warm hospitality of our lovely team.

For contact information, click here.

Esther Postpartum Care 伊詩特產後護理之家 Damansara Perdana, PJ

Armed with 13 years of experience, Esther Postpartum Care is dedicated to bringing you the best of Taiwanese hospitality and care right here in your city. Intertwine hospitality of international quality with own Malaysian local cultures and traditions. Boast the most attentive services and coziest place for a family to rest and recharge at ease, just like being at home.

For contact information, click here.

Garden Gem Confinement Centre, SS2 Petaling Jaya

Low-density bungalow-villa has a serene and peaceful zen-vibe to ensure that your postnatal confinement feels like a retreat, where you can feel at ease to recuperate optimally. Aim to help you recuperate well, embrace and adapt to motherhood with ease.

For contact information, click here.

Gorgeous Mum Confinement Centre 禧宝月子中心, Puchong

For contact information, click here.

Gracie Confinement Centre, Kota Damansara & Bandar Sri Damansara

Gracie Confinement Centre strive to provide unparalleled care for mothers and their infants by integrating traditional Chinese confinement practices with cutting-edge medical care. Unique approach combines the benefits of traditional Eastern confinement practices with the advancements of modern Western medicine, allowing us to deliver the highest quality care and support to both mother and child.

For contact information, Kota Damansara branch and Bandar Sri Damansara branch.

Hang Confinement Centre 涵·月子坊, Kajang

Han·Confinement House (Kajang Branch) provides a comfortable confinement environment for postpartum mothers, a professional babysitting team and traditional and healthy confinement meals.

For contact information, click here.

Hani Confinement Care Centre, Bangi

Hani Confinement Care Centre Bangi is a confinement center with a modern traditional Malay concept that is guaranteed halal and 100% Islamic. This care center is especially for mothers and babies after giving birth. Close to other facilities such as An Nur Hospital, Bangi Gateway, 24-hour laundry, Polyclinic, gas station, convenience store, eatery, pharmacy and more. The concept of staying in a Hotel with the availability of room facilities eg. having a private bathroom in the bedroom. Has a special room for baby care – 24 hours a day.

For contact information, click here.

Harmony Home Confinement Center 和睦家月子中心, Puchong

The center is built right at the beautiful D’Island, you will be immersed in a comfortable vacation like a 5 star hotel with full modern amenities. Provides professional nurses and nannies, science Diet and nutrition, massage therapy for moms, baby care, tighten medical monitoring for mother and baby, detect and treat jaundice in the baby, free detox slimming soup bags.

For contact information, click here.

Hug Postnatal Care, Bandar Sunway

A father inspired, one stop confinement care solution. HUG was founded by a loving father who was touched by the importance of after birth post partum care. He wanted to provide an affordable package with a unique stay experience during confinement month. His passion for design and construction brought a comfortable and cosy ambient for a fast recovery, location convenience, and hassle free environment for mothers and babies after birth.

For contact information, click here.

K-Ring Angel Mother & Baby Care 圆满馨月子中心, Semenyih

High-quality confinement care and service.

For contact information, click here.

La Gracia Care Center, SS16 Petaling Jaya

La Gracia is a luxury confinement care center that blends both the time-tested traditional methods of Chinese medicine and healthy nutrition inputs for the best postnatal care. First month for a mom and the newborn is crucial in the first step to an amazing journey of parenthood. Great team of well-trained and experienced nurses to care, advise and fulfil your daily needs. Mother knows best. As you breastfeed your child, it creates great bonding time. La Gracia aims to make your stay with us a memorable one.

For contact information, click here.

Lavender Confinement Care (Khidmat Penjagaan Pantang Lavender), Semenyih

The first 40 days is the most crucial time for a mother who has just gave birth. A mother heals when both her mental and physical health is taken care of as much as possible, Allowing her to bond with her baby as they both get used to the monumental episode in life. Out of this sheer postpartum experience, Lavender Confinement Care was born.

For contact information, click here.

Legendary Confinement Center 传说月子中心, Petaling Jaya

PJ’s first confinement center with 1-to-1  nanny care, providing postpartum mothers with the most considerate confinement care. Let you know clearly who is taking care of your baby, so you can rest peacefully. Professional Chinese medicine practitioners who can tailor-make herbal meals for you based on your personal needs and physical condition. Each meal is carefully prepared and nutritious food, so that your body can get the best nourishment.

For contact information, click here.

Love Home Postpartum Center 爱家月子中心, Puchong

Love Home Confinement Centre is conveniently nestled in Puchong D’Island selangor, a professional postnatal care centre dedicated to new parents and their newborns. Established in 2021, Love Home Confinement Centre aims to provide a fuss-free and comforting confinement experience for new mothers. Team of professionals is committed to easing new mothers into this exciting phase of life while ensuring a pleasant road to recovery.

For contact information, click here.

Lovely Bee Confinement Care 温馨陪月护理 , Section 17, Petaling Jaya

Lovely Bee Confinement Care Centre primarily features post-natal care, which is postpartum practice aimed at helping new moms recover from pregnancy, and after giving birth. Dedicated professional team are always available 24-hours to provide personalized care and support for new mothers during their postpartum month. Provides physical care and psychological support with the aim of ensuring new moms are healthy and capable of taking care of her baby and is equipped with adequate information she needs about breastfeeding, reproductive health and the imminent life adjustment.

For contact information, click here.

LTC Vegetarian Confinement Care Puchong

Plant based vegetarian confinement center in Pucbong. Perfect place created for you & your baby with all you needs. Surrounded by the scenic lakes of Puchong lies the picture-perfect township of D’ISLAND RESIDENCE, a habitat born of a vision of exquisite living for the privileged few.

For contact information, click here.

LYC Mother & Child Centre, Puchong

LYC Mother & Child Centre practices a unique fusion between traditional Chinese confinement care and professional medical care, thus bringing the best of traditional confinement care from the East and modern medicine from the West to provide the ideal care for mother and their little ones. Wide-array of services from recovery and wellness therapy, postnatal yoga, 24/7 nursery care, weekly doctor visit, nutritious and balanced meals, parenthood talks, seminars, and workshops. Services are thoughtfully designed to help new mothers recuperate and adjust to motherhood with ease.

For contact information, click here.

Maison Confinement Centre 暖馨月子中心, Puchong

The home medical-style confinement center allows you to feel the comfort and warmth of home, and you can also enjoy and recuperate here. 

For contact information, click here.

Mamma BB Confinement Care Centre 甜心宝贝陪月中心, Puchong

“Mamma BB Confinement Care Center” was founded in 2016. Its two branches are located in the residential area of ​​Puchong Batu 14 & Bukit Puchong. The surrounding environment is quiet, the facilities are complete, clean and hygienic, and the decoration is elegant. It is as comfortable as living in “home” and is absolutely suitable for postpartum recuperation. It is also only about 50 meters away from the government clinic (Klinik Kesihatan). Maternal and infant care team will take care of all your worries during the confinement period, allowing moms and dads to fully focus on the joy of being parents.

For contact information, click here.

Mommy Mansion, Klang

A boutique confinement centre located in the town of Klang, Selangor, dedicated to mothers and newborn babies. For contact information, click here.

MY HealthMoon Confinement, Klang

MY Healthmoon Confinement Center provides a one-stop comprehensive confinement care services

For contact information, click here.

Nadora Wellness, SS2 Petaling Jaya

Nadora is a group of postnatal wellness retreat centres across Singapore and Malaysia with potential expansion across the ASEAN region in the near future. Journey with Mums to motherhood, providing that much needed care, support and expertise every step of the way in welcoming your precious newborn.

For contact information, click here.

Nejlika Confinement Care Centre 享孕月子护理中心, Ampang

Nejlika is the first confinement centre in Malaysia advocating “Scientific approach in confinement care” that incorporates both Western and Chinese traditional methods in post-natal care. We integrated the traditional methods of post-natal care with modern science knowledge to provide holistic care for the mothers by introducing the special confinement diets and lifestyle that best suit Malaysian woman.

For contact information, click here.

Precious Confinement Care, Klang

A hidden gem amongst confinement care centres in Klang. Homely, warm and full of love for mommy and baby. Not forgetting, yummy nutritious food to rejuvenate mommy’s health post-child-birth.

For contact information, click here.

Queensway Confinement, Bandar Mahkota Cheras

A hidden gem amongst confinement care centres in Klang. Homely, warm and full of love for mommy and baby. Not forgetting, yummy nutritious food to rejuvenate mommy’s health post-child-birth.

For contact information, click here.

Roseville Confinement Villa, Bandar Baru Bangi

Roseville Confinement Villa aims to provide a Shariah-friendly confinement environment with the best traditional postpartum services and modern and professional healthcare.

For contact information, click here.

Rui Confinement Centre 芮月子中心, Subang Jaya

芮 (pronounced as ruì) is a Chinese character that has meaning of, small and exquisite, and luxuriant growth. Rui Confinement is a humble, small but caring homey style centre. The initiation of the set up is to provide mummy a place like home for speedy recuperation. Provide 100% detailed and caring services to all clients.

For contact information, click here.

Serenity Signature Confinement Centre, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Serenity is located in Sri Petaling and Puchong. Established since 2014, and had been awarded the 5-star rating of sterilized premises. Bringing a life to the world is a wonderful journey for every mother out there and with the help of Dr. Chong Yew Chuan to oversee your healing progress. Equipped with 8 years of experience, Serenity Confinement Centre is determined in bringing you the best of Malaysian hospitality and the perfect postnatal care. Fused hospitality of the most sophisticated quality from international countries with our own localized Malaysian Culture and traditions. Provide the most percipient aids and homey place for you to heal and replenish at ease, where it feels like you never left your home.

For contact information, click here.

SN Postnatal Care Centre 爱心专业月子中心, Cheras

SN Postnatal Care Centre was founded in 2000 and has its first headquarter established in Cheras. Providing more than 20 years of experience in professional confinement services and consultations, SN Postnatal Care Centre is highly committed to providing the best maternity care with complete facilities and a fusion of traditional and modern confinement meals. SN Postnatal Care Centre consist of professional chinese traditional physicians, nurses and nanny. SN Postnatal Care Centre also offers professional postpartum massage services, chinese physician consultation, delivery services for confinement meals and newborn guidance for first-time mums. SN Postnatal Care Centre also provides free prenatal and postnatal courses for every parent.

For contact information, click here.

Sully's Confinement Care Centre, Kajang

Pusat Rawatan Pantang di Kajang Perdana, Kajang Selangor.

For contact information, click here.

Sunshine Confinement Centre 晨心月子中心, Puchong

Sunshine Confinement Centre understand how precious your little angel meant to you. Hence,  during this critical 28 days of postnatal period, they are here to take care of you and be your helping hand in managing the needs of your precious one.

For contact information, click here.

Sweet Month Confinement Retreat House 弥月轩产后护理之家, Bandar Mahkota Cheras

Time has changed and traditional recipes are no longer the only option for confinement care. Catering for the needs of modern day people, Sweet Month incorporate both traditional and contemporary approaches to provide postnatal care for first-time mothers and their newborn babies in a comfortable home setting. Focus on providing a serene, relaxing environment whereby new mothers can feel the warmth of family. Professional babysitters are committed to provide loving care to our clients with utmost patience while we make sure that every detail in postnatal recovery stage is taken care of.

For contact information, click here.

Terra Confinement Care, Petaling Jaya

Terra Confinement Care is a postnatal wellness retreat providing care and support to mothers and newborns. Recognise the importance of postpartum afterbirth healing, Terra is elegantly designed to provide a luxurious and conducive environment for relaxation, rejuvenation and restoration of your well-being. Dedicated team of trained and certified professionals are here to ensure professional care is provided to both mothers and babies. Offer a range of services to you and your baby such as postpartum physiotherapy treatment, professional nursing care, professionally doctor visits and evidence based traditional treatments.
For contact information, click here.

The Moment Postnatal Care Sdn Bhd 怡俪轩产后护理中心, Bandar Mahkota Cheras

The Moment Postnatal Care is a home-based postnatal care in a bungalow in Mahkota Cheras. The second branch is in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

For contact information, click here.

The Sanctuary Confinement Centre 涵璧楼月子中心, Kota Kemuning, Puchong , Klang & Semenyih

The Sanctuary Confinement Centre provides a comprehensive scope of services to ensure your motherhood’s well-being after childbirth are taken care of. Postpartum mothers will need a supportive environment to maintain positive mental health, and it is more beneficial to postpartum mothers’ physiology and psychology.

For contact information, Kota Kemuning branch, Puchong branch, Klang branch & Semenyih branch.

The Senses Confinement Centre, Petaling Jaya & Kota Kemuning

The Senses Confinement Centre is a unique combinations of tradition and modern, comfort and caring environment. The Senses Confinement Center focuses on the importance of the 5 senses to rejuvenate mothers in an enjoyable and educational way.
For contact information, The Senses (PJ) and The Senses (Kota Kemuning).

Ukiyo Confinement Centre, Seri Kembangan

A Sanctum of Wellness for Mothers and Newborns. Ukiyo Confinement Centre hopes to strive for a comfortable and safe environment by providing a wholesome confinement experience for mothers and their newborns. Mothers are able to experience a comfortable and wholesome recovery, from 24-hours care services to delicious confinement meals throughout the weeks. Newborns are taken care of in their rooms with mothers-only private monitoring access, with routine checks done by doctors, nurses and gynecologists. For contact information, click here.

Warm Care Confinement Centre, Shah Alam

Warm Care Sdn Bhd is your one-stop comprehensive postnatal rejuvenation centre. Our premise is based in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. We ensure total care for your new-born baby and mother’s rejuvenation after delivery. Feel free to browse through our website and you will have a better understanding about the confinement care service that we offer.

For contact information, click here.

WMG Traditional Confinement 馨悦阁传统产后护理, Seri Kembangan

Confinement period at WMG Traditional Confinement is like going back to your parents’ home for confinement period. There is another branch is Bandar Sri Damansara.

For contact information, click here.

XiBao Confinement Center · 玺堡月子中心, Cheras

Confinement centre in Selangor, Malaysia.Malaysian confinement center, SELANGOR. Welcome a new life and renew yourself. Enjoy a professional and enjoyable confinement life – 24-hour nurse system, special Chinese medicine for labor and health care, customized confinement meals and daily activities.

For contact information, click here.

Xin Confinement Home 馨陪月之家, Klang

Xin Confinement Home provides careful and professional postpartum care services. Under the care of experienced team, both mother and baby receive a ‘warm’ home postpartum care experience – peace of mind and comfort.

For contact information, click here.

Xin Zhen Ai Confinement Centre 心珍爱月子中心

Provide the best service with a sincere heart.

For contact information, click here.

Xingfu Confinement Care Center 幸福月子中心, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Xingfu Confinement Care Center, your happy choice. The 28-day post-partum period allows mothers to have no worries. 

For contact information, click here.

YuYu Confinement Care, Kota Damansara

Motherhood is a joyful moment for every woman. Whether you’re a new mum or an experienced one, you need the highest quality recovery services for your post pregnancy care. YuYu Confinement Care was founded by professional experienced mums who have been through this exciting journey.
For contact information, click here.

Zen-U Confinement Care Center 晨毓陪月护理中心, Damansara Damai

Let’s Experience Home-Feeling, Friendly, Comfort & Cozy confinement center today.

For contact information, click here.