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Private Schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Are a Malaysian or expatriates looking for private school in either in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor? Stated below are private schools that are located in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor and it’s brief summary. 

Private schools are privately owned and operated. Private Primary School adopts the Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR) and Private Secondary School adopts the Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Menengah (KSSM) endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE). Private schools incorporate their own teaching curriculum, textbooks and teaching manuals in addition to what’s included in the Malaysian National curriculum.

To find the right school for your child,  go through the school’s curriculum, extra curriculum offered, fee structure, facilities, teachers and accreditation of the short-listed school.

Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Abedeen, Cyberjaya

Abedeen Academy (Abedeen) is a private international school in Malaysia that consists of three different schools which are Abedeen International School, Abedeen Primary School and Abedeen Secondary School. Abedeen, is an international school strategically located in Putrajaya-Cyberjaya, Selangor, with the best school facilities and world class environment for both primary and secondary school students.

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Asia Pacific, Subang

Blending local and international approaches to education, the Malaysian National Curriculum at APS prepares Malaysian students for success, armed with a global perspective. While priority is to enable students to achieve academic excellence in taking their Class-Based assessments (CBA) as well as SPM examination, focus goes beyond just classroom study and centers on developing well-rounded learners who excel academically, pastorally and socially. In addition to excellent academic results, they are one of the few schools licensed to conduct the Dual Language Programme, where the primary medium of instruction is Bahasa Malaysia, and Mathematics and Science is taught in English.

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Hua Xia Private School, Seri Kembangan

Offer Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Menengah (KSSM) from Form 1 to Form 5. Hua Xia Private School has been granted approval by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, to conduct the Dual Language Programme(DLP). The Dual Language Programme allows the School to teach Mathematics and Science subjects in English. Students in Hua Xia Private School following the programme will take these subjects, in English.

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Peninsula, Setia Alam

Peninsula Private School (PPS) is the latest addition to the portfolio of HCK Education (a subsidiary of the public-listed HCK Capital Group). Peninsula Private School offers the national type curriculum at both primary and secondary levels culminating in SPM in Form 5. Adopting a ‘East Meets West’ approach, Peninsula Private School aims to offer a learning environment that combines the academic rigour and disciplined approach normally associated with Malaysian syllabus whilst utilising modern teaching techniques that foster independent thought and a proactive approach among students.

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Rafflesia, Kajang & Puchong

Founded in 2010 by a group of dedicated educationalists, Rafflesia Schools are ‘new generation’ international school built in cutting-edge and eco-friendly facilities designed to support progressive teaching and learning environment and, most importantly, to deliver an internationally-minded curriculum.

For contact information, click here (Rafflesia Kajang) and click here (Rafflesia Puchong).

REAL Private School, Cheras & Shah Alam

REAL Schools is one of the leading private schools in Malaysia, with campuses in Cheras, Shah Alam and Johor Bahru, offering a comprehensive range of academic programs and services to students of all ages in both International and National syllabus.

For contact information, click here (REAL Cheras) and click here (REAL Shah Alam).

Sekolah Rendah Sri Aria, Bandar Sri Damansara

SRI ARIA SCHOOL focuses on the development of The Internal Strength which then continues on towards building their External Strength. A Self Directed Education is not like the normal traditional teaching approach.. Here, learning happens when a child has an in-depth interest towards something and pursues that. The formal part of learning will come naturally without consciously realising them. 

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Sri Acmar, Klang

Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Sri Acmar is a private co-educational institution established in 1997 as part of the 21st Century Township of Bandar Baru Klang. It is strategically located in Bandar Baru Klang in close proximity to Klang, Kapar and Shah Alam. Provide a holistic education. Though emphasis is placed on academic performance, the students are not neglected in the physical, emotional and spiritual development.

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Sri Bestari, Bandar Sri Damansara

Sri Bestari Private School or ‘Sekolah Sri Bestari’ was established in December 1995, in response to the government’s call to private agencies to fulfill their social obligations to society. Today, besides the establishment of ‘Education and Learning Support Academy’ (ELSA) by Sri Bestari Private School to support autism, dyslexia and children with learning disabilities. Located on a beautiful 15-acre site in Bandar Sri Damansara, the school is the pride of not only Land and General Berhad, but the entire Bandar Sri Damansara community. Its shady trees and green lawns with its spacious and airy classrooms ensures a conducive learning environment, with generous space for sports and co-curricular activities.

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Sri Cempaka, Cheras

Cempaka Cheras is a private school which offers the Malaysian National Curriculum. The campus is part of Cempaka Schools, a group of international schools in Malaysia. Cempaka Schools has a consistent 100% passing rates on all national examinations.

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Sri KDU, Kota Damansara

Since its inception in 2003, Sekolah Sri KDU has continuously been at the forefront of private education in Malaysia. The school began as Malaysia’s first purpose-built private smart school preparing students for technological innovation and is today’s Malaysia’s largest private school. Located in an award-winning campus in Kota Damansara, Sekolah Sri KDU has a reputation for high quality, all-around education under its ethos of “letting every student shine”. Offering curriculum continuity from primary to secondary education, the school comprises Sri KDU Primary School and Sri KDU Secondary School.

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Sri Lethia, Klang

Beaconhouse Sri Lethia, Klang, Selangor is a five-storey building located in a serene and conducive environment ideal for educational pursuit. We provide Primary and Secondary school education. Sri Lethia was established to provide within the framework of the National Educational Policy, an all-round education for children in Klang and its surrounding areas. Its aim is to develop the pupils in a context of a multi-ethnic society, their individual characters, creativity and leadership qualities.

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Sri Murni, Cheras

The Beaconhouse School System being a world-wide provider of education has incorporated the National Primary and Secondary curriculum into Beaconhouse Private Schools to address the needs of the academia of Malaysian students and to accomplish and meet the challenges of a rapidly globalizing world. Blend vast international and world-wide experience in pedagogy of teaching with the principles and objectives of the new national blueprint of education, with the intention of developing students who have the capability of furthering their education in any other global system of education. 

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Sri Tenby, Shah Alam

Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park is a dual-stream, co-educational institution located in Setia Alam, a suburb of the city of Shah Alam, Malaysia. Its 20-acre campus consists of two schools, namely Tenby International School, which follows the National Curriculum for England, and Sekolah Sri Tenby, a private school following the Malaysian National Curriculum. Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park has a diverse student population, with children aged 3 to 18 years old coming from all over the world.

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Sekolah Rendah Sri UCSI & Sekolah Menengah Sri UCSI, Cheras & Subang Jaya

Combining the best of national and Cambridge curriculum which provides wider access to tertiary pathways and international recognition. Form 5 students have the opportunity to sit for both SPM and IGCSE giving them the advantage of 2 certificates for tertiary admission. Sri UCSI KL is one of the few private schools in Malaysia with DLP status teaching Mathematics and Science subjects in English which enhances students’ English language proficiency.

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Tinta, Shah Alam

Sekolah Tinta is a STEM model school in Malaysia that was established in 2017 and operates in Temasya Niaga Glenmarie, Shah Alam, Selangor. The use of a learning syllabus based on KSSR & KSSM has been injected with STEM elements that are the backbone of the establishment of this school. The progressive and dynamic acquisition of STEM knowledge is important so that students always get the latest knowledge and knowledge in the STEM field. In addition, this approach also involves the application of STEM knowledge, skills and values ​​to solve problems in daily life, society and the environment.

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Wesley Methodist, Klang & Sungai Buloh

Wesley Methodist Private Schools offer the national curriculum in dual language leading to SPM examination. Meet the needs of individual learners and concentrate on improving learners’ weaknesses in conducive class size.

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Zenith, Klang

With the experience of operating Zenith International School (White House campus) in Seremban, Zenith Schools caters to children from the ages of 7 to 17 years and follows the Malaysian National Curriculum (KSSR and KSSM). Offer a carefully designed and effective curriculum that provides your child with a complete syllabus that covers the Malaysian KSSR and KSSM, as well as adding depth with components of international syllabus, preparing your child to be a Global Graduate.

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Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Setia Budi, Gombak

IIUM Schools Sdn. Bhd. (ISSB) -formerly known as IIUM Lower Education Sdn. Bhd. – was formed as a private education provider company in 1997. The establishment of the company is to provide an integrated and holistic education which adheres to the Islamic tenets and values at the primary, secondary and A- levels, so as to allow all children to experience learning success and become life-long learners and contributing members in the community. Through the Malaysian National Curriculum and the Cambridge International Curriculum which are being implemented in Sekolah Setiabudi (Setiabudi) and International Islamic School Malaysia (IISM) respectively, coupled with various Islamic programmes, ISSB manages to attract large number of students both locally and internationally. By establishing IISM Kuantan Branch in September 2013, the company is moving forward to have more branches all over Malaysia.

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Sekolah Rendah Sathya Sai, Kuala Lumpur

The Sekolah Rendah Sathya Sai is a private day school set up by the Sathya Sai Baba Central Council

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Stella Maris Ampang & Pudu

Stella Maris Primary School in Ampang is nestled in the serene lush greenery on the hill-slopes of Madonna Heights, just 8 km from the city centre offering the National Curriculum. The school has consistently topped the national average in the UPSR examination for total straight A students. For more information, click here.

Stella Maris Secondary School in Pudu was established more than 20 years ago. It occupies a four storey building strategically situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur next to the Church of St. Anthony. The school is easily accessible by public transport and within walking distance to Pudu Sentral. It offers the National Curriculum KSSM with Science and Mathematics taught in English and an enriched curriculum for English and Mathematics. The school actively promotes a vibrant school life through extra-curricular activities to enrich the students’ learning experience. For more information, click here.