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Hospital and Clinics in Bukit Jalil


Do you know the availability of public and private healthcare facilities in Bukit Jalil? You might want to know the list of nearby government hospital, government clinics, private hospital, and private clinics such as child specialist, dental clinics, home care for elderly and medical clinics just in case any of your family members is not feeling well.

Klinik Kesihatan Muhibbah

Started operational in Jan 2020, Klinik Kesihatan Muhibbah provides

  • Perkhidmatan Pesakit Luar,
  • Perkhidmatan Ibu dan Anak
  • Perkhidmatan Farmasi

Address: Kompleks Komuniti Muhibah, Jalan 1/152, Jalan OUG, 58200, WP Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 77726040

Emel: [email protected]

Klinik Komuniti Pinggiran Bukit Jalil

Address: Aras Bawah Blok E, PPR Pinggiran Bukit Jalil, Jalan Bukit Jalil Indah 1, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-80740275

Emel: [email protected]

IMU Hospital (Coming Soon)

IMU Hospital will be built on the land adjacent to IMU University and is targeted to be operational in 2021. Phase 1 will open up 96 inpatient beds with 3 operating theatres, an Emergency Room, 22 Specialist Clinics and 2 Wellness Clinics. The hospital is designed to adopt concepts that allow some of its facilities to quickly evolve to meet the growing needs of the community, and will expand gradually to a 312-bed hospital.

Source: IMU News

CY Child Specialist Clinic

Dr Wong Chang Yee has vast experience in treating newborn as well as he had experience working with neonatologist in Hospital Ampang for 6 years. Besides, Dr Wong is also a gentle, friendly and approachable doctor. Check out contact details here.

Tiny Tots Children Specialist Clinic

Experienced Paediatricians and certified Lactational Consultants providing quality healthcare for children of all ages,infants to adolescence. They are passionate in helping expecting mothers and mothers to successfully breastfeed their little ones. Check out contact details here.

My Flex Health

My Flex Health provides mobile home care, residential aged care, house call physiotherapy,  vocational training and staffing solutions. Check out contact details here.

Queck Dental Surgery

The first modern concept dental clinic in Bukit Jalil which aims to provide a full range of quality dental care for you and your family. Check out contact details here.

Dental First

Dr Audrey Ng is good in managing patients, especially children who are anxious or afraid of dental treatment. Dr. Samuel K.F. Tseu children-friendly service has amazed parents too, as in how well he relates to their kids! 

Check out contact details here.

The Park Dental

A boutique dental clinic providing best of class professional dental treatment to a whole new level! Our passion is to provide a comfortable and easy environment to our patients such that dental treatment will no longer be a dread! Check out contact details here.

G Dental Care

Check out contact details here.

Dental Home

The comfort care dental clinic in Bukit Jalil focuses on delivering pleasant dental experience. Check out contact details here.

Drs Wong & Partners Dental, Bukit Jalil

A professional one-stop dental hub that provides a close-to-heart yet comprehensive range of dental services to the community. Check out contact details here.

Klinik Xomedic Bukit Jalil

GP clinic aim to provide you and your family a comprehensive medical experience. Check out contact details here.

Blessono Medical Clinic Bukit Jalil

Blessono Health Screening Kuala Lumpur a perfect 5-star healthcare experience await you in a modern and setting by utilising advanced and cutting edge comprehensive ultrasound scanning and full body check up services. Check out contact details here.

Alive Chiropractic (Bukit Jalil)

Gonstead Chiropractic care for kids, adults and elderly. Webster technique for pregnancy. Check out contact details here.

Believe Chiropractic Center

Main focus is on improving mobility, function and the quality of life using non-surgical solutions.  Approach utilizes complementary and alternative methods which is high in efficacy, natural and safe. Check out contact details here.

Trinity Chiropractic

Spot On Individually Customized Chiropractic care for all ages from toddler, children, teenagers, adults to elderlies. Using a world renowned chiropractic technique namely – The Gonstead System. Check out contact details here.

Osso Bone Care Chiropractic

Osso Bone Care Chiropractic® has been established since 2007 & previously operating @ Kuchai Lama & Cheras. Now expanded & merged into a big center total 5000sqft @ 15 unique treatment rooms located at Bukit Jalil. The First One Stop Chiropractic Center in Malaysia with Digital X-ray Services. Check out contact details here.

Two Care Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Center

Offers a wide variety of treatment plans to help patients achieve optimum state of health, regain control of their bodies as well as increase their physical performance. The combination of both chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments provide clients with a more holistic and effective approach. Check out contact details here.

OUG Chiropractic Centre

Chiropractic Centre that offers affordable chiropractic care for all ages people.Check out contact details here.

Precise Rehab Bukit Jalil 精准物理治疗中心

Precise Rehab is founded by a team of specialized physiotherapists with years of experience in Clinical Pilates, Advanced Dry Needling, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation (IASTM), Sports Performance Rehab, Strength and Conditioning. We provide rehab treatment for condition such as: • Whiplash/ Neck / Shoulder injury • Headache / Migraine • Slip Disc / Sciatica / Back pain/ Scoliosis • Tennis / Golfer’s elbow • Knee/ Hip/ Ankle pain • Sports / Work related injury • Motor Vehicle Accident • muscle strains/ joints sprains . Check out contact details here.

Meadow Physiotherapy

A private physiotherapy clinic in Aurora Place Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur –  also a partner of Synapse Physiotherapy. Specialized in musculoskeletal injuries including: knee pain, ankle injuries, neck & low back pain, post-operative rehab and postural related conditions; neurological disorders such as: Stroke, Parkinson’s disease & Multiple Sclerosis. Check out contact details here.

Physio In Motion

A physiotherapy centre specialises in spine, joint and sports injuries. Check out contact details here.

Integrated Rehabilitation & Wellness Centre 全人复健治疗中心

Rehab center – Physiotherapy-occupational therapy for stroke, sport injury, pain management, neck and back pain, knee pain, frozen shoulder, and numbness. Integrated Rehabilitation & Wellness Centre provides modern and affordable therapy for the community in Malaysia. Deliver specialized rehabilitation services to all ages people to return to their colorful active lifestyle. Check out contact details here.

IKONIK Eye Specialist and General Health Centre

Started with just focusing on corneal refractive surgeries, which includes Femto Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) and Flapless procedure. However, within a short period, we have broadened our services to offer treatment for other common eye diseases such as cataract surgery, YAG-laser, diabetic eye disease treatments, pterygium surgery and paediatric ophthalmology services.. Check out contact details here.

Kaiteki Skin Aesthetic Clinic, Bukit Jalil

Team of LCP board certified doctor and highly trained professionals will provide FDA approved and medically proven service for your skin care needs. Every treatment is customised. Check out contact details here.

LiV Clinic (Laser and Skin Specialist)

An accredited Skin and Laser Specialist Clinic by MOH located at the heart of Bukit Jalil, founded by a group of Certified Consultant Dermatologists and Aesthetic Physicians who are well-respected experts within their specialist field. Check out contact details here.

Ozhean Clinic

With its most popular and effective trademarked FIT program, it aspires to provide the best aesthetic service. Offering include treatments for skin – pigmentation, acne, scars; aesthetic procedures – filler, thread, Botox, HIFU, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, PRP, laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal; slimming treatments – fat melting, fat freezing, chemolipolysis; hair loss treatment – hair mesotherapy, hair filler. Check out contact details here.

BeauLife Clinic

Offers a wide range of treatments catering for: Medical Aesthetic/Anti-Aging (Saggy face, dark eye circle, etc), Skin Healing (Allergy, acne, scar, sensitivity, etc), Hair Growth Activation, Body Contouring. Each treatment program is customized for clients’ unique needs. Check out contact details here.

DV Prestige Clinic, Bukit Jalil

An aesthetic clinic dedicated to treating and perfecting anyone seeking to transform how they look. Check out contact details here.

Aglow Clinic, Bukit Jalil

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, top-notch services and a highly professional and experienced team, they aim to provide a one-stop medical aesthetic solutions for clients – from inside out. Check out contact details here.

Clinic RX Bukit Jalil

Specialize in performing latest aesthetic techniques and treatments edify by Korean Founder, equipped with over 20 years of experience forges him to be one of the industry pinnacle, specializes in utilizing aesthetics’ technology and equipment advancement. Equipped with newest Korean top-of-the-line cutting-edge beauty equipments. Check out contact details here.

Fiana Aesthetic

Customizes all your skin treatment to suit your daily needs at an affordable price. Offer a range of services from analyzing skin and healthy aging to skincare and lifestyle advises. Muslim Friendly & Transparent Aesthetic Centre. Check out contact details here.

Dr. K & Associates Clinic

Offering the latest non-surgical aesthetic technology and techniques in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Check out contact details here.

M•Touch Clinic

Offers Body & Face Slimming, Phatelet Rich Plasma (PRP), RF Skin Skin Tightening, Nose-Lifting Treatment, V-Shape Lifting & Acne/ Scar Treatment. Check out contact details here.

Dr Liza Clinic

Skin, Aesthetic & Laser Specialist Clinic offering wide range of treatment focuses on enhance your cosmetic appearance – scars, sagging skin, pigmentation, age spots, excess fat, wrinkles, moles, freckles, keratosis, hair restoration, and more. Services included facials, laser, Rejuran, chemical peel, injection, PRP, Skin booster, filler, skin brightening, thread lift and more. Check out contact details here.